Middle East, What are we Doing?

  Our next meeting:
October 21st ,2014  7:00pm.
Rush Park Auditorium
3001 Blume Dr. Los Alamitos 90720

ISIS, Gaza, Israel, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Africa, Ukraine, Russia, China.

Speaker:  Colonel Jon H. Gold,U.S. Army Retired

Jon Gold is a career Military Intelligence Officer and served in the Military Intelligence Branch for 30 years.Over his last 10 years of service, Colonel Gold served as the Assistant Foreign Policy Adviser for the United States Pacific Command, America’s largest Major Command, where he facilitated the first United States – Communist China peacetime military exercise,

Before that, he served 2 tours as the Chief Military Intelligence Officer for the United Nations Pre Deployment Forces in Former Yugoslavia during the Bosnia and Kosovo conflicts in the European Theatre. He was able to predict the outbreak of the ethnic conflict in Kosovo a full year before the beginning of a second ethnic cleansing – and helped prevent it. Colonel Gold is not anti-Muslim, but is anti-Islamist. He observed the rise of Radical Islamic Fundamentalism in Europe and is working to prevent that threat to Muslims, Christians, Hindus and Jews in America.

Colonel Gold was a founder of the Southern California Drug Task Force.

Dinesh D'Souza Night A Great Success!

Thank You To All Our People - EVERYBODY - Who Made This Happen!

Tuesday night's meeting with Dinesh D'Souza was a tremendous success!  We were packed to capacity by a wonderful, mannerly group that enjoyed the night without a hitch.  More photos will be posted later this week, along with other information.  

Special Event: All Seats Taken

Rush Park Auditorium is located at 3001 Blume Dr.  Los Alamitos, CA
Parking is limited.  Be prepared to walk 2-3 blocks to the auditorium.

A VERY IMPORTANT Speech on Property and Water Rights

Tuesday, August 19, 2014  7:00 PM
Rush Park Auditorium,  3001 Blume Drive, Los Alamitos, CA

Don't Miss Debbie Bacigalupi 

We will have a short presentation on these men, whose efforts resulted in our Bill of Rights    

The next election is less than 100 days away. Votes are important.  Please consider doing a short walk in your neighborhood to hand out voter information.  

See "AMERICA!" It's worth it!

We recommend that you see this movie, as it is an objective, fact based presentation of events in history.  

We believe that the truth should be known to all the residents in these United States. Therefore, this film is very important, especially to our younger people.

We are not selling tickets at this time.  CLICK HERE for information on show times and locations.