Constitution Expert Mr. John Eastman - Postponed UFN

On March 17th Mr. Eastman informed us that the Supreme Court of the United States will be hearing arguments concerning marriage on what was our planned meeting day.  He must be in Washington DC for that event, which we heartily encourage.  We will reschedule soon.

The good news is that his talk will now include the President & the Constitution,
AND  his report on the SCOTUS cases on marriage.  

Our series continues with Patriot Steve's presentation of our 
Founding Fathers' most cited author,
Charles-Louis de Secondat, Baron de La Brède et de Montesquieu
It was his writings that led to their design of the separation of powers.

Come and see what has made us the best-attended 
Tea Party in California!

Our February 17th Meeting

 Our group was treated to an excellent talk last night by Kurt Schlichter, who gave us the military perspective of our threats from foreign and domestic enemies.  His admiration of today's military, including their devotion to their duty, was welcome news to everyone there.  At times his presentation was lighthearted, his levity softened some of the crazy remarks coming out of D.C.

Kurt Schlichter 

 Patriots, thank you for supporting the 405/605 Tea Party Patriots. Please bring as many young people to our meetings, it is their future that is at stake!
Constitutionally Limited Government, Free Markets, Fiscal Responsibility.

February 17th. 2015  7:00pm

Rush Park Auditorium

3001 Blume Dr. Los Alamitos, CA 90720 (Rossmoor)


Kurt will talk about the political problems we will be facing this year, how we can work with our new congress, and will bring us up to date on our latest terrorism problems.  Kurt has the credentials to bring us accurate information on all these fields.  

Several books are authored by Kurt Schlichter:  Conservative Insurgency, 50 Shades Of A Liberal, I Am A Liberal, Fetch My Latte` and others.  He's got a great sense of humor and pulls no punches when debating liberals.  Obviously, Andrew Breitbart liked his delivery!

Along with his world-wide endeavors, Kurt was the Public Affairs Officer for the 40th Infantry Division in Los Alamitos!  

We are happy to have Kurt speak at such an important time; bring your friends!

The Tea Party Patriots still have their movie available!

The All-Volunteer Staff at the 405/605 Tea Party Patriots wishes all of you a wonderful Christmas and a tremendous New Year!

A Big Hit: The Band of the California Battalion!

On Thursday night, November 13, we were treated to a wonderful show by the Band of the California Battalion.   They put on a wonderful show!