Dinesh D'Souza Night A Great Success!

Thank You To All Our People - EVERYBODY - Who Made This Happen!

Tuesday night's meeting with Dinesh D'Souza was a tremendous success!  We were packed to capacity by a wonderful, mannerly group that enjoyed the night without a hitch.  More photos will be posted later today, along with other information.  

Special Event: All Seats Taken

Rush Park Auditorium is located at 3001 Blume Dr.  Los Alamitos, CA
Parking is limited.  Be prepared to walk 2-3 blocks to the auditorium.

A VERY IMPORTANT Speech on Property and Water Rights

Tuesday, August 19, 2014  7:00 PM
Rush Park Auditorium,  3001 Blume Drive, Los Alamitos, CA

Don't Miss Debbie Bacigalupi 

We will have a short presentation on these men, whose efforts resulted in our Bill of Rights    

The next election is less than 100 days away. Votes are important.  Please consider doing a short walk in your neighborhood to hand out voter information.  

See "AMERICA!" It's worth it!

We recommend that you see this movie, as it is an objective, fact based presentation of events in history.  

We believe that the truth should be known to all the residents in these United States. Therefore, this film is very important, especially to our younger people.

We are not selling tickets at this time.  CLICK HERE for information on show times and locations.

Next Meeting: July 15

For More Information on Jamie Glazov, CLICK HERE
Jamie was recently on Sean Hannity's show on FOXNews  Click Here
We are happy to host Ron Nehring, whose qualifications are joined by endorsements from some of California's most important organizations.  www.ronnehring.com 
Ron will take questions from our audience after his presentation.

Grand Opportunity

The Republicans Can End the Democrat's Super-Majority 

The latest election results show that the Democrats have increased vulnerability because of job losses, their love of debt, and their partnership with higher education costs.  Faithful followers of the Democrat party now are questioning their party's indifference to the plight of the working man while the politicians enjoy their positions and pay.  
Our Tea Party group wants a better California for everybody.  Come to our meeting on July 15.

Dr. Gina Loudon spoke at our meeting on May 27th 
and then signed her books.  Thanks for your visit, Gina!